Brockton Environmental Advisory Committee

Brockton’s Waste Management and Environmental Programs

Vision: We believe that the quality of our life rests on the quality of our environment. We have an individual and a collective responsibility to protect and enhance our community’s environment by taking action in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Mission Statement: Working together for a greener Brockton.


  1. Act as Champions for the integration of environmental values and cooperative problem solving in every aspect of municipal activities.
  2. Make recommendations to Brockton Council regarding best practices and planning priorities.
  3. Promote and support environmentally responsible practices and policies in the areas of waste reduction, energy conservation, greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable development and maintaining the health of our ecosystem.
  4. Monitor the implementation of Brockton initiatives to ensure they achieve a positive environmental impact and contribute to broader efforts to address climate change.
  5. Evaluate the implementation of specific Brockton initiatives.
  6. Communicate relevant information to the community to foster a sense of environmental stewardship.

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